Visit the Santar Garden Village Interpretative Centre, discover parts of the renowned Casa dos Condes de Santar e Magalhães. In the house, you will find treasure such as the 16th century kitchen, the Chapel and the Sacristy. Be amazed by the landscape outlined on the horizon of the Serra da Estrela. Discover the historic village of Santar through its gardens, vegetable gardens and vineyards.

Stroll through the Garden of the Casa dos Condes de Santar e Magalhães, the Magnolia Garden, the Linhares Garden, the Ibérico Nogueira Garden, the Misericórdia Church Garden and Casa das Fidalgas Garden.

Taste your senses with Santar Vila Jardim White and Red Wines and indulge yourself with the infamous Serra da Estrela cheese that comes accompanied with our popular wheat bread from the region. Indulge yourself and enjoy.


3 hours

Maximum Number of Participants:

10 (currently) 

20 (post pandemic)

Children up to 12 years old, free

Cancellation Policy:

It is not possible to make any reservation more than one year in advance or less than 48 hours before the visit. In the latter case, we recommend that you get in touch directly by phone or email with Santar Vila Jardim, as there may be the possibility of withdrawals or other occurrences that allow the reservation to be accommodated.

Note: The tours are punctual, therefore we advise people to show up 10 minutes before the tour. 


Santar Vila Jardim
Casa dos Condes de Santar e Magalhães
Avenida Viscondessa de Taveiro, 3520-127 Santar, Portugal


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Event Details

Reservations Until:31/12/2021
Starts on:22/09/2021
Ends on:31/01/2022


€ 30.00